Coeliacs Awareness week….. and my top 3 recipes

Coeliac Disease is more common than you probably know. With 1 out of 100 people being affected by the auto immune disorder. So chances are you know someone who has it. Coeliac disease creates an abnormality within the body that reacts to gluten protein. So that means a gluten free diet is the only option. To find out more information on Coeliac disease visit here.

Having been gluten free for well over a decade, I have come across some pretty poor excuses for gluten replacements, with most resembling the taste and texture of cardboard, with the price tag of gold. I have also been privy to my fair share of disappointing fine dining experiences, where chefs just remove all the gluten components without a replacement.

I don’t know how it is sometimes done so wrong, but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. So here are 3 of my favourite recipes from The Krooked Spoon. All are gluten free, rich tasting and delicious.

baked brie







My top 3 Gluten Free (Coeliac’s don’t miss out on anything) recipes.


Baked Brie with blackcurrant cider and a middle eastern fruit crumble

Fudgey Dark Chocolate and Almond Brownies

A Pannacotta, tuile, marshmallow, strawberry anise syrup and a Gelee


Enjoy XX



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