Raw Cacao (cocoa) Tahini Truffles, Food Revolution Day and some Flavoured Water…….

tahini truffle

Today is Food Revolution Day. Founded by non other than Mr. Jamie Oliver, supported by his many and impressive friends, contacts and colleagues. The aim of this Food Revolution is to promote good food, good food choices and essential cookery skills (For more information on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution go here). Food skills for life are taught within the home whilst growing up, historically our communities were closer, slower paced, and centered around the kitchen. Families had less disposable income and little access to fast or processed foods, making cooking a skill for literally life. Family tricks, cheats and recipes were passed down to family members through hand written, flour smudged books, binders and scrap paper.

It’s a concept I whole heartedly believe in.

I have my little book, that travels with me everywhere, gathering new ideas, recipes and smudges. I cook everyday with my kiddlets, as frustratingly slow as it sometimes, but they love it and I love that they do.

This is my recipe contribution to the food revolution cause. No baking, no fuss, nutritionally dense (high in protein, fiber, trace minerals, omega 3), super low fructose (or no fructose if you leave out the dried fruit) but unbelievably delicious.

It’s perfect for kids to make, it’s excellent as a travel snack, it curbs sugar cravings without actually being high in sugar, it’s gluten free, dairy free, vegan (did that just check all the boxes). But for me it’s as simple as, it’s perfect with a cup of tea.


I have also added the “recipe” for the flavoured water in the photos. Lightly flavouring water helps you to drink more. It adds a natural freshness, and it looks fancy. Using frozen berries helps to keep the water cooler for longer. I flavoured water jugs whenever guests are over, or for at the dinner table, even the kiddies love it.

tahini truffle. Gluten free

Raw Cacao Tahini Truffle

1/2 Tahini (preferably unhulled and organic)
1/2 cup Rice Malt Syrup
1/4 cup LSA (Ground linseed, sunflower and almond)
1/4 cup Hazelnut Meal
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1 tbsp Raw Cacao powder (or dutch processed cocoa)
1/4 cup chopped Almonds
1/4 cup chopped Pistachio
2 tbsp Puffed Quinoa
4 dried apricots finely chopped
4 dried dates finely chopped
1 tbsp Black chia seeds

Raspberry and Mint Flavoured Water

Ice cubes
3 sprig tips Mint leaves
handful Frozen Raspberries


In a bowl combine all the dried ingredients and mix to combine evenly.

Add the Rice malt syrup and the tahini and mix until combined.

Then use hands to knead the mix together into a solid bowl. (slightly wet hands it helps to prevent the mix sticking)

Roll tablespoon worth of the mix between hands into rounds.

Roll in extra coconut to coat.

Store in an air tight container. They will last a week.

For Flavoured Water: Add all the ingredients into a jug or pitcher and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Serve into cool drinking glasses.



Most of these ingredients can be found at healthfood stores or online. If you don’t have something substitute it with something else. It’s a really easy going recipe.

Rice malt syrup is made from brown rice. It’s sweet, derived from a complex carbohydrate and doesn’t contain any fructose. (it’s better for your body basically) You can substitute with honey, maple syrup or date syrup.(these 3 subs. do contain fructose though)

If you are making these fructose free, omit the dried fruit and add the equivalent of chopped nuts.


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