Rhubarb Gingerbeer Cocktail


It is officially summer is here in the southern hemisphere. Extended sunny days, hot sun and a desire to spend afternoons sipping cool refreshing beverages whilst relaxing. Is that not what summer is for?

The Rhubarb Gingerbeer cocktail is a drink just worth such an occasion.

It’s an uncomplicated, non muddled drink that leans towards just outrageously simple and yet delicious..

The rhubarb syrup used in the recipe is from an earlier post and adds a wonderfully subtle sweet rhubarb flavour, whilst imparting the glamorous pink hue. The lime juice compliments and brings the 2 main features together. The rhubarb and the ginger beer are both complimented by the tart citrus.


mint and twine


The pretty drink has made it’s appearance just in time for the festive season. All red and green, you couldn’t get much merrier. This drink is definitely making it’s way onto my drinks list. I hope it inspires yours.


Rhubarb and Gingerbeer cocktail

2 tbsp Rhubarb Syrup
1 tsp lime fresh juice
250ml Alcoholic gingerbeer
1 sprig fresh mint leaves
2 slices lime
Ice cubes


Into a cup pour out the rhubarb syrup, then the lime juice.

Add the ice, and top up with the gingerbeer.

Add the lime slices and the mint.




To make this a mocktail, use a brewed gingerbeer like bunderberg.

Or add a slice or 2 of fresh ginger and top up with lemonade or soda water.

To make a jug simply triple the recipe.

In case you missed the links the rhubarb syrup recipe can be found here




5 thoughts on “Rhubarb Gingerbeer Cocktail

  1. I wonder how this would taste with Bundaberg for the ginger beer, and then add Bourbon for the alcohol…either way this sounds amazing! I will be trying it soon.

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