The best of 2013, for the beginning of 2014

Christmas and the end of last year came and went in a blur of haste, indulgence and then quiet.

Actually that was the theme for the whole of 2013 for me.

2013 was my year for firsts. First house bought, then first house renovation.The first year living by the beach and far from what I know. The first time the kidlets went to preschool and all the first that are affiliated with that. It was my first full year blogging, ever.

I have learnt so much this year, about life, and dreams and direction. I feel clear and ready to take on 2014 and it’s going to be fun.

So before we jump into everything new and exciting, it’s time for a quick reflection on the year of firsts and best of’s, a year of food in images from the blog.

And now glancing ever forward to the awesome that will be 2014.

All recipes for the images can be found in the recipes section.

I hope that everyone here had an excellent christmas and new year and are feeling refreshed and ready to make 2014 the best EVER…….


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