10 ways to help the world from your kitchen prt 1

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Last Minute Christmas ideas for the food lover in your life

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Coeliacs Awareness week….. and my top 3 recipes

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It’s all About me………

I love food.

I love creating it and eating it. I love that it can induce nostalgic memories, I love that you can have food memories that will forever be in your heart and life. I love that food can bring together families, friends and good conversations. It’s social, it’s tactile, it’s delicious……… It can warm your heart and spirit, it can be creative or simple, complex, flawed, elegant, sophisticated, homely (should I continue) but almost always it is humbling…….

My journey with food began after school, where my sister and I would pretend to be the hosts of cooking shows, whilst I created my stable meringues and my sister worked on using up the egg yolks. At about the same time I developed an almost unhealthy obsession with the local trading post, searching for restaurant equipment in the view to buy a bargain and slowly build up all the equipment I would need to open my own place, not mention fill up my parents under house storage…. No one really took it seriously (myself included) especially when I ran off to uni to study visual communications.

Before uni, during uni, and after uni I worked in hospitality, sometimes as a waitress, or bar person but mostly in the kitchens, where I rediscovered my love, passion and 14yr old girl dream of owning, cooking and living food and eventually I found myself at tafe completing my chefs trade certificate. At almost the same time I found myself with an unbelievable offer to take over the ownership of the cafe I had been calling my career home for the past 5 years (with a little break to head a city kitchen in the middle), and a brand new, never done it before, mum. I took the opportunity, finally finding a home for all the kitchen equipment I had been lugging around from house to house since my late teens.

So here we are, I’m a mum of 2 boys, a small business owner, a chef, but underneath all that I’m a food creative. I always have been and I always will be.