Burnt Butter and Vanilla Bean Madeleine

vanilla bean madeleine

Nothing could be more suited to accompany a cup of tea more, than a pillowy light, sweet, buttery Madeleine. Small and delicate, light and spiced there could be nothing more perfect.

vanilla madie

vanilla madie_3

These Madeleines came from a place of whim and fancy. Spontaneous baking with no direction.I walked in tho the kitchen and when I walked out again I had some warm Madelines wrapped to deliver to my mum. The kids helped themselves to some (as they do) and by the time I got home there were only a few left, I promptly hid them to enjoy with a belated cuppa.

The combination of Burnt Butter and Vanilla Bean and the high sugar content gives these little gems a caramel flavour. They are richly flavoured without being rich or over powering. The crumb is outrageously light, so light most will question if these are really gluten free. One of my loves for Madeleines is, there is little time and effort for such a delicious reward. There are very few recipes that can be prepared with so few ingredients, with so little equipment or mixing that would turn out so perfectly.

vanilla madie_4

Burnt Butter and Vanilla Bean Madeleines

60g Butter
100g Gluten Free Plain Flour
100g Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 Egg
50ml Milk
1 Vanilla Bean Scraped


Oven preheated to 180C (fan forced). Butter a Madeleine pan.

Place the butter in a pan over medium low heat and heat until frothy and the colour of nut brown with a hazelnut aroma. Allow to cool slightly.

In a bowl combine the Flour, sugar and baking powder and whisk to combine fully.

In a separate bowl, whisk egg, milk and vanilla bean seeds.

Add the egg mix to the dry mix and whisk until just combined.

Add the Burnt butter and whisk until it has just incorporated.

Spoon batter into a madeleine pan, and bake in oven for 15 minutes.

Once cooked, remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before removing.

My Notes::

Madeleine pans are special pans shaped like a shell. They can be purchased from specialty food stores, department stores or online. If you don’t have one a round bottom patty pan will work just fine.

Don’t be tempted to fill the Madeleine more than 3/4 full. This will insure that you will get the classic shape.

There is something romantic and heart filling about spontaneous baking. No plans, no direction, working with what you have. What have you been baking that has filled your heart with satisfaction and calories?


2 thoughts on “Burnt Butter and Vanilla Bean Madeleine

  1. Reblogged this on I Need a Feed! and commented:
    Since I’d had such a positive reception for the last batch of madeleines I made, I decided to make another batch for an afternoon tea with some new friends. I’m getting along super well with some other girls at work, and I was having them over for the first time. So I went back Krooked Spoon’s blog, as I knew there were two other madeleine recipes there that I’d liked the look of but I hadn’t tried, including these. I was delighted at how simple the batter was to put together, and how rich the vanilla flavour was once these baked. But what surprised me was how much fiddlier browning the butter was than I’d expected. I suppose it’s because I’m not quite used to doing it on the new stovetop, but oh goodness did it smell good! Browned butter has this amazing aroma, and I’m sure that’s what contributed that lovely, smooth taste in both sets of madeleines!

    I’ll be re-blogging both of the original posts for each batch of madeleines, as I firmly believe that everyone should go and visit the Krooked Spoon’s blog and check it out. There are lots of great gluten free recipes there! But I will also write a little more about the afternoon tea, and the wonderful time I had with these new friends of mine in the second re-blog, which will feature the next set of madeleines I made. However, I will mention that out of the two flavours the vanilla was the obvious favourite. Both Miss J and Miss S mentioned preferring them, and I have to admit I liked the vanilla a lot too. But both flavours went down the hatch in no time, so I recommend giving both a go!

    Also I won’t be taking part in the FF festivities this time around, as I don’t feel it’s right to post up recipes from another wordpress blogger when I don’t have their express permission to do so. But I will still be admiring the amazing recipes I see added to the FF linkup, that’s for sure!

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